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Empowering embattled employees, communities, caregivers and change makers.

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With specialized training in transformative technologies,

I am committed to providing you with expert career guidance.

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My empathetic leadership approach ensures a deeply personalized experience, placing your well-being at the core.

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who I help achieve tangible results in the workplace and in life.

Digital Transformation First Aid

Hello, I’m Cento!

My passion is helping those on the frontlines of change. If stress, outdated systems, and overwhelming demands are holding you back, I'm your Digital Transformation guide. Let's work together to streamline your personal change management, boost your well-being, and create lasting positive impact.

Build Up Your Resilience in the Workplace

Let's work together to turn your challenges into victories. I'll share insights and lessons from my 20+ years of large-scale digital implementations to help you succeed. I create positive, lasting change that benefits you directly.

Your Primary Ally

I know from experience what it’s like to be under-supported and under-valued at work. As your Digital Transformation Consultant and Mentor, I'll bring practical solutions to streamline your work, improve your well-being, and maximize your impact. I’ll help you avoid common pitfalls, protect yourself and your values in the workplace.

My Core Skills

I understand the struggles of embattled employees, strained communities, overwhelmed caregivers, and passionate change-makers. I am well-versed in personal change management and transformations. I deliver practical tools and guidance to optimize work relationships, reduce burnout, and amplify your impact.

A Few of My Credentials...


Years of Transformation



Two Thousand +

LinkedIn Followers

Certified in

Human resources management

and growing

IT Governance

& Cybersecurity


Master’s in

Medical Cannabis

science & therapeutics

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The Ultimate Power Coping

Learning System

Tired of feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Ready to transform your well-being? Join the community and unlock a powerful resource: "The Ultimate Power Coping Learning System." Discover proven strategies and actionable steps to create a healthier, more balanced work life – no matter where you are on your work-life journey.

the ultimate

Power Coping

Learning SYSTEM

My Solutions

Powerful Coping Strategies to Help Empower You and Overcome

Unlock the potential for positive change with my digital transformation mentoring resources designed to guide you through the most challenging aspects of work.

Stressed out

Work-related stress

Demanding workloads, tight deadlines, and unhealthy work environments can contribute significantly to stress and anxiety

Businessman Stress Overwhelmed Work Problem Team Argue Conflict Problem

Lack of control

Feeling powerless or unable to control situations can be frustrating and contribute to anxiety


Fear of the future

Constant worry about what might happen can lead to rumination and anticipatory anxiety, making it difficult to enjoy the present moment

Stressful woman holding hand on head having stressful situat

Social anxiety

Individuals with anxiety disorders often experience social anxiety, making it difficult to interact with others and leading to feelings of isolation and loneliness


Exposure to negativity

Constant exposure to negative news and social media can increase anxiety and contribute to a pessimistic outlook

Stress concept

Negative self-criticism

This can fuel feelings of inadequacy, worthlessness, and shame, leading to increased anxiety and stress

Are you ready to take the first step towards a more empowered version of yourself?

How it works

The 4 Easy Steps


Discovery Survey

Begin with a personalized discovery survey. We'll explore your aspirations, challenges, and vision for work and life. This survey starts a resource plan designed just for you – whether you're seeking a new job, dealing with a demanding boss, or focusing on your mental health.


Tailored Mentoring Plan

Based on your unique needs, I'll create a customized mentoring plan. Whether you're focused on personal development, career growth, or mental health & wellness, this plan serves as your roadmap to success with the community resources.


Resources Focused on You

Our course content is designed to help you solve immediate challenges you may be faced with in the workplace and the job market. As the world of work become more digitized, talented professionals from all backgrounds must change and adapt quickly. My resources are your guide.


Ongoing Support System

Beyond my regular content, you'll have ongoing support and community resources for reflection. Periodic check-ins, progress assessments, and access to a curated resource library help you stay on track and navigate challenges as they arise.

Proactive and Guided Problem Solving

Workplace problems are some of the toughest problems you will ever encounter. Follow my process to take back control.



True workplace transformation starts with recognizing the root cause of persistent issues. Through guided analysis, you'll uncover the underlying factors driving problems.




This involves embracing new approaches, shifting perspectives, and adopting strategies you haven't tried before to break old patterns and reflex-based habits.




With root causes identified and change embraced, prepare for exciting growth. This could mean a fulfilling new job, improved workplace relationships, and better control of your stress.


“Good leadership can save a career.

Great leadership can save a life.”

An Entire Library of Resources

Here’s a preview of some of the personalized solutions we provide:

Success Stories

What some of my co-workers and direct reports have to say about me...


five star rating

“Cento is a very talented, disciplined, energetic senior project manager possessing excellent communication and interpersonal skills. He has implemented several complex/time critical projects at Horizon Lines. I recommend him to anyone looking for a well-rounded Senior level Project Manager.”


five star rating

“Cento is a professional IT project manager who manages his projects to deliver quality and value-added works. He is also a master at process management and a great public speaker.”


five star rating

“I recommend Mr. Cento Sharp. During my experience working with Mr. Sharp; he exemplified professionalism, leadership, and guidance. In our time at Citigroup, he also played a major role in the department’s success by providing innovative and technical solutions that resulted in process improvements and efficiencies.”


five star rating

“When Cento was my boss, I knew our projects would be on time and deliver exactly what the users needed. I have never worked with anyone that was better at calmly cutting through all the noise and getting to the essential details.”

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Know the details

FAQ - Frequently asked questions


How does the community work?

The community program involves identiying your natural tendencies, work preferences, goal-setting, and strategies for growth. It's a collaborative program where I’ll guide you toward achieving your workplace aspirations and overcoming challenges.


How do I join the community?

You can access the online community after paying a nominal annual fee. Once you sign up, you have access to the community resources for a full year. At the end of the year, you can renew or cancel, no questions asked.

Is the program only for specific goals?


No, my resources are life resources. They are there when you need them. For example, I have a resource for “Handling a Medical Crisis” if you ever need it. It's about empowering you to thrive in all aspects of life when the time comes and you need reliable guidance.


What makes your program unique?

My program is tailored, empathetic, and results-driven to help you during the most difficult work environment we’ve experienced thus far. I focus on workable solutions to survive corporate dysfunction, mass layoffs, blame-dodging and other similar issues.


Can I choose multiple focuses?

Absolutely! My program is flexible to address various aspects—personal, career, mental health & wellness. You can access the resources that align with your goals and current pain points. If you don’t see the resource you need, just send me a message.


How often is new content added?

New content is added weekly at a minimum. The world of work is ever changing so new and revised solutions are a must to stay ahead. Digital transformation has entered hyper-drive so we’ll all need to keep up to protect our careers and our livelihoods.

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